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straight white male
Why is this used to sell clothes to frat boys?
Why is this used to sell clothes to frat boys?
A two page spread in A&F's fall catalogue
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Media is both a reflection of and a producer of how we understand ourselves socially.
In terms of gender and sexuality, media produces images of how we relate to women and men. Some of these portrayals are more realistic than others. The most successful images come close enough to not alienate the average audience, while also adding enough of a fantasy element to seduce it.
A&F's images are pretty front-center in the pop culture landscape considering they're clothing ads. They both contribute to and change currently shared ideas about guys, male friends, and masculinity.
The "fantasy" that's composed in a significant number of A&F's images speaks boldy and directly to many aspects of the evolving straight white male. That the photography so explicitly and intentionally plays with dynamics between male friends (at least I assume we're supposed to believe they're friends) makes it perfect to use here as both investigation and elaboration of this site's subject.