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OK if gender is so important who's talking openly about it?

Feminism is a visible presence today that looks critically at gender. Not all guys who played that last game are big on the idea that it's seen as more masculine to play football than to competitively swim. Or that you can't hug someone or show vulnerability without threatening your masculine image. Similarly, there are millions of people today taking issue with our cultural view of women, and how that and traditional femininity affects the lives of women. Our understanding of femininity is tremendously influential upon women's (and girls') self-esteem, sexuality, individuality, economic and personal independence, etc.

The Gay/Lesbian movement is a visible presence today that looks critically at sexuality. Though same-sex sexuality (like opposite-sex sexuality) is visible throughout human cultures world-wide, throughout time, and has even been proven to exist in virtually every species of animals, it has not been interpreted consistently in its various settings. In some cultures it has been of no consequence and even celebrated, in ours it has been stigmatized to varying degrees up to and including punishment by death. The movement is relatively young as are the terms gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc. that it uses to frame same-sexuality. The movement contests the idea that heterosexuality (also a recent term) is the essential or superior human sexuality.