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straight white male
wear pink
wear blue
talk about books
talk about playoffs
play sports
do theater
pierce left ear
pierce right ear
talk about sex
talk about love
give a friend
a warm hug
hit him on
the shoulder
act angry
act sad
take gymnastics
take swimming
play football
Everyone chooses the same eight answers... and sure the questions are simple and stereotypical, but trying to figure out why they're such simple questions can be really complicated.

For example, how exactly is it that as guys we are are so aware of the left ear / right ear earring thing? Sure, you could say that plenty of guys wear earrings in their right ear today... but only if they have one in the left as well. And often the left will have more. Try to think of a guy who has more earrings on the right, or better yet a guy with one on the right but none on the left (Seriously, could you think of one?).

There's no significant visual difference between our left and right ears, but culturally which one we pierce is apparently quite significant. So we do know quite a lot about gender (the earring thing is more than partly a masculinity issue) although we're usually not very aware of how much we know - or how/why we know it.