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straight white male
-- Nike campaign,
Evolution of Skin
The same idea applies to gender.

If you've grown up in America as a guy, you know a hell of a lot about gender whether you think about it very consciously or not.

Just like we've learned (without really realizing it) how to watch movies and television from many deliberate directing styles, we've learned (without really realizing it) what we need to know about gender. Guys know a lot about masculinity -- we are on some level experts on it when we dress, walk, talk, play sports, make friends, date. Without talking about it explicitly we've all managed to pick up really similar ideas about what it is.

For instance, you know as well as anyone does what the most masculine activity is in each of these pairs -- Check them off if you want before going on.

Pick the most safely masculine choice in each of these:
  wear pink
wear blue
talk about books
talk about playoffs
play sports
do theater
pierce left ear
pierce right ear
  talk about sex
talk about love
give a friend a warm hug
hit him on the shoulder
act angry
act sad
take swimming
play football