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How would I look at "gender?"

Take a student majoring in film - they've most likely taken classes to screen films and study them. A science major might think

That's so lame... you sit around and watch tv, what a blow-off, what's the point! What is there to study about about movies; you watch them and that's it.
That film major, though, likely studied the "Classical Hollywood narrative" - the way of structuring movies so that the lighting, editing, timing, staging and so forth are deliberately organized so that very little conscious "work" is required of the viewer. Information like time of day, time changes, location, and order of events are basically absorbed by the viewer subconsciously. Were filmakers less studied, each movie we watched might handle this information differently, and we would have to do much more work to learn how to follow what was happening on screen.

That there is so much to study in film, in fact, is why we might think there is nothing to study at all.
That we think there is nothing to study in film, in fact, is because there is so much there to study.