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straight white male
Chasing Amy Looking at Banky...
Banky, at first, seems together, cool. He's sarcastic. He maintains an aggressive indifference in every situation he's in. We know he's tough because in his first few minutes on screen he fights the guy who calls him a "tracer." We know he's straight from his constant references to "chicks."
He becomes less and less cool, though, and more and more defensive... even paranoid. It's not ever "woman" or "gay" -- it's "chick," "fag," and "dyke," and in the junior-high-school-guy way, not in any radical reclaiming-those-words way. The script doesn't let it go with Banky on this one, and it builds a great example of a straight white male that's significantly threatened by lesbian/gay and feminist change (and individuals - regardless of his casual friendship with Hooper, who's gay). This essence of his character is developed in nearly every line he has (next):
The dialogue included from this film is sexually explicit.
Please back up if that might be uncomfortable for you.